Random Grabs #3 (Christmas Loot Edition)

It’s that time of year again. The time of year when Christmas is still fresh in our memories, we’re finishing off the leftover pie and cookies, and we’re all updating our nerdy blogs with photos of our recently acquired swag! Here’s my grabs for pretty much the whole month of December…


Before we get started I’d like to say thanks to my wonderful girlfriend Emily for really going all out on gifts this year. I’m really lucky to have someone who enjoys all this nonsense as much as me. Thanks Em!

Here we have the Indiana Jones Complete Adventures Blu-ray box set, a baby Groot Funko Pop vinyl figure, Shout Factory’s Rock ‘n’ Roll High School featuring my favorite punk rockers The Ramones on Blu-ray, a Howard the Duck Funko Pop vinyl figure, and a little gift to myself…the complete Twilight Zone collection on Blu-ray. Holy crap.


The Complete Peanuts Dailies, Challengers of the Unknown, and Thanos: The Infinity Revelation will come in handy on some of the upcoming gloomy winter days.


I thought I would stock up on some classic animation this year so here’s the Tom and Jerry: Golden Collection, Max Fleischer’s Superman, and the Looney Tunes: Platinum Collection on Blu-ray. A Frankie Funko Hikari vinyl figure guards the loot.


Last up we have a couple of Blu-rays I got at a Target mega sale: The Predator Triple Feature and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. The Funko Ecto 1 and Night of the Living Dead Blu-ray came a little later.

So there’s my Christmas loot! Hope you guys had a great holiday season filled with loads of crap!


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